Milan’s Story Begins in 2007

The idea of the fund blossomed from the struggles of Philip, Sharyn and Delano Capobianco during their battle for their daughter/sister,  Milan Maria Capobianco. Milan was born December 8, 2000.
She lived with an enthusiastic spirit, loved friends, life, fashion, and dance.  In December 2007 devastating news was received that Milan had an inoperable brain tumor.

Nowhere To Turn For Help

An exhaustive search brought realization that there was little hope. Milan lost her battle on February 12, 2009 shortly after her 8th birthday.
That is where this journey starts  and the beginning of Milan’s Miracle Fund, our main effort to raise awareness and rally support for the cause to stop pediatric cancer and find a cure.

More Heartache For The Capobianco Family

Just before Easter in 2013 Milan’s father, Philip Capobianco, passed away suddenly. His passionate drive to help kids with inoperable brain tumors was inspirational to us all.
Our mission is summed up in the words of Philip, “Help us in our fight for the kids winning the battle against pediatric cancer… us remember the ones that we lost.”

Milan’s life has inspired many in the West Michigan community to take up the cause of fighting pediatric cancer

The Signatures Program is helping physicians understand each child’s tumor so that they can determine the most accurate and least toxic treatment to battle the cancer. This is done by analyzing a tumor’s genomic sequence, ultimately finding the unique signature of that child’s tumor. This program also supports the building of a database that will allow many types of analysis including tumor types, identification of similar patients to help make predictions on disease behavior and identifying new pathways that are important in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Your support helps to keep this program  in place, as this  is not considered  reimbursable by insurance.

Videos About Milan's Miracle Fund